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Stop! It’s American Idol time.

Stop! It’s American Idol time..


THIS is a childhood love story? No thank you, Taylor Swift.

THIS is a childhood love story? No thank you, Taylor Swift..

THIS is a childhood love story? No thank you, Taylor Swift.



Above is a pic I took of my SD A, this past summer 2012, age 7. She’s a cutie right? Beautiful. A very easy to please child, soft spoken, does what she is told, mostly, wonderful listener, fantastic helper, independent, strong will when she wants to be, and over all a big part of my heart. Her idea of life is like every Taylor Swift song I have ever heard. And she loves her too.Image

Every other week she is home here and get to be apart of her life. A is in the second grade, top of her class, popular with everyone, especially the boys…. it started in kindergarten can you believe that!? She has been “dating” this boy off and on she met last year in her class. They are always breaking up and then days later getting back together. Well, as much as two 7 year old kids can. Well 2 weeks ago this boy brought her a necklace and has always done nice things like this for her. So I was shocked to find out they broke up, again, last week just to get back together today. 

Image“Wait, didn’t you just ask out that boy Corbin 2 days ago?”

Image “yeah but Cody wanted to get back together.” 

Wha……? Here are her reasons for this childhood love story….

  • Cody is cute
  • She really likes him
  • He pushes, bumps, is mean, and calls her names until she says yes.

Again, wha……???? Who does this boy think he is? When did my little girl start to think his behavior towards her is OK? We don’t act like this in our home. I don’t “think” this happens in her Mothers home. Could it be shows she is watching on T.V.? Not in my house. 

I tried to explain, in a somewhat calm voice, about how she should NEVER let a boy do those things to her or any girl. EVER. And if she changes her mind there are a few ways to get out of this so-called childhood relationship, and who to involve. Image

“But, I really like Cody.”

SHE DOESN’T GET IT!!!! What do I do? What do I say? They are only 7 years old. Yes I know that. But I see a pattern of bad choices.Image Maybe Daddy is going to have to have “Daddy – Daughter date nights” once a weekend when we have her at home with us. 

FEEDBACK PLEASE…..  I am at a lost and my heart is so sad for my baby girl.

The stigma behind bipolar disorders

The stigma behind bipolar disorders.

Snapshot memories

We had our very first Halloween party this year! There were kids….Image

And snacks…..



And what’s a party without a little danger…


And candy…. lots of candy…


We played “Bobbin’ for apples”


There were Pirates….


Me, your Hostess with the mostess…. boobs.


And the man, my DH who wanted to carry on his family Halloween party tradition….


Visiting Gfunk

Visiting Gfunk.

Come check out THE FUNK!

I’m a guest today at Come check out the Funk! <a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=” ” border=”0″ alt=”GFunkified” /></a>